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Our history in brief…

1955 Engineer Louis Eid founded a personal company operating in the Heating, Refrigeration and Ventilation fields, and acting as importer, distributor and contractor in the above mentioned lines.
1958 Initiation of the water treatment line.

The personal company was registered as a sal company under the name of Ets.Louis Eid Eng. Sal. Due to the increase of business volume, a sister company was founded- SODICOM sal- importing and selling circulating pumps, burners and fans.


Due to the expansion in the contracting business, the firm Termocool was created.

1973 In response to the increase of the business with the Lebanese industries, the firm IDEKO was founded to take care of the steam boilers field.
1975-1976 Our offices, showrooms and warehouses were burned, totally destroyed and closed during the war.
Having faith in the future, we restarted our business again to have an active role in the reconstruction of our country.
1999 Ceasing the opportunities created by the reconstruction of Iraq, we started exporting and selling our products mainly in Bagdad and few other major big cities. 
2003 Due to the increase of business in the maintenance field, an agreement was done with VIGI sarl whereby the latter takes care of all preventive maintenance contracts.

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